Who we are, why we do it and how we do it

We are a "normal" family, daughter at school, commuter husband (working in Milan) wife housewife by force majeure. In 2015, having a vacant house in Turin in a bad real estate market, we decided to try this AirBnB novelty.

We have met a lot of people: who for work, who for tourism, who with a relative in hospital, who for a concert, who for a match, who for an event. Italian, Australians, Brazilians, French, English, Americans, Canadians, Norwegians, Swiss, Chinese, Japanese, etc. etc.

IS' always been a chance to get to know (even just by email, even with a few words) new people, nice people. With some, a bond has formed that
ough, others we won't see again. That's okay! 

We love traveling, we have been to many places in the world, now the world is coming home ours and we like it very much!

Let's make part of an association (Host Italia www.hostitalia.org) that brings together many people like us and that there helps to move in compliance with the complex rules of the Tourist Lease.

We pay taxes. How right. For this reason, we have no problem receiving payments with a bank transfer, paypal etc. We denounce presences to the State Police, as appropriate. We make a contract for a tourist lease even for a few days, even if it's not mandatory. We give you the receipt of your payments when due.

We work both with famous platforms (like AirBnB, Booking, HomeAway) and through word of mouth (the best way for everyone, without commissions and based on the advice of friends).

There really like to trust and inspire confidence. We like to give useful advice either before during the stay, but also later, if needed.

THE feedback we receive, as well as being invaluable for us to have new ones guests, they are very useful when they give us ideas for improvement and fill us up of satisfaction when they tell us that our guests also like having us known!

We love the mountain, so much so that we bought a house in Oulx years ago. Every now and then, the we rent, because we have learned that our guests like it too mountain!

We have a family home in Puglia, which we are fortunate to use all the years in July. And since it's in a nice place, let's rent this one too!

For all this, we are very happy that you are our guests !!!